We're a COVID-SAFE business!

See below our updated conditions of entry:



  1. Our total venue capacity is 300.

  2. All patrons are required to sign into the club. This includes providing your mobile number, which we will keep for 28 days for contact tracing purposes.

  3. Both members and visitors will be permitted to enter the club.

  4. All patrons will be subject to a temperature check. Any patrons with a temperature of 37.5° or higher will be refused entry.

  5. All patrons must remain seated unless ordering food, beverages or travelling between areas.

  6. All patrons must keep 1.5m distance between themselves and others (unless you are from the same household).

  7. All furniture must remain where it is and is not to be moved by patrons (only staff).

  8. There is no longer a limit for group bookings or functions.

  9. Patrons who reside in or have visited a Peninsula excluded suburb within the last 14 days will be refused entry.

  10. Sporting members using the back golf entry must sign in using the self-serve kiosk. No exceptions.

  11. Please respect and listen to our staff and CovidSAFE Marshals if they ask you to please be seated or move to another area.

  12. Additional CovidSAFE Marshals have been rostered on to assist with capacity tracking and additional cleaning.

  13. Our staff have all been provided with face masks. We recommend that you wear one as well.

  14. We have a three strikes policy. If you are asked to comply with the above measures 3 times, you will be asked to leave and will receive a 24 hour ban.

Welcome to 2021!

We would like to take this time to update you on recent changes from NSW Health and what this means when visiting Everglades.

Please see below some updates in regards to our COVID-Safe Plan:

- Face Masks

You will notice our friendly team are wearing face masks.

It is now mandatory for all hospitality staff to wear face masks whilst in customer facing areas.

In addition to this, NSW Health have advised that face masks are also mandatory for the general public in certain indoor settings. In Clubs this includes all patrons using gaming services. Face masks must be worn in both our indoor and outdoor gaming rooms.

In addition to this our Bottle Shop and Pro Shop are both retail stores and all customers are required to wear a mask when in these areas.

Please respect our team including our Covid Marshals, when enforcing these new regulations.

- Signing In

It is now mandatory for hospitality venues to use the Service NSW QR code to check in patrons.

In order to satisfy obligations under both the Registered Clubs Act and for contact tracing purposes, we require patrons to check in using both the Service NSW app and our existing sign-in system.

We are currently working on integrating the two and look forward to a single solution shortly.

To make signing in as quick and easy as possible, we recommend downloading and installing the Service NSW app.

- Peninsula Excluded Suburbs

Due to a higher level of Covid-19 Cases we will not be allowing entry to anyone from the following suburbs:



This also applies to anyone who has been in these postcodes in the past 2 weeks.

- Club Activities

Due to the changes in restrictions with singing and dancing, we have postponed the re-introduction of our Thursday night karaoke and Friday night live entertainment in our Restaurant.

We will ensure to keep you informed and up to date when these restrictions change.

We appreciate your support as we navigate these difficult times and do our best to keep you and our community safe.

Thank you and stay safe.

The COVIDSafe app is a tool that helps identify people exposed to coronavirus (COVID-19). This helps to support and protect you, your friends and family. Please read the content on the NSW Government's webpage before downloading.

Click here to view the webpage.

Click on the links below to view our COVID-SAFE plans:

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