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Thank you for your interest in joining Everglades as a Golf Member.

Due to the high demand for membership, a waitlist is now in place.

New members are added when we can handle more golfers on our course again.

Please complete the below form and we will contact you when a place opens up.

Due to the ongoing Covid-19 crisis and extended stay at home orders, Golf at Everglades is now strictly Golf Members Only and due to the increased demand, we have put our membership applications on hold. Memberships will re-open when the Covid-19 restrictions ease enough to allow additional playing spots.

Golf Membership Waitlist Process

  1. Submit a Golf Membership waitlist request on our website (form below).

  2. The requesting applicant is to become a Social Member of the club for $5.00.

  3. The approved member will be classified as Social Member until a Golf Membership becomes available. Social Members have all the privileges associated with Social Membership and, in addition, can play golf on our course at Visitor Rates.

  4. When a Golf Membership becomes available, the club will contact the member at the top of the waitlist via email or phone. The member has 72 hours to accept.

  5. If the member chooses not to accept, they can transfer to a Social Membership, Bowls Membership or resign. If the member does not return a message to the club within 72 hours, they will be transferred to Social Membership and the next member on the waitlist will be contacted.

What membership category are you interested in?

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